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9/27/2020 3:15 PM

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Spring 2020 Season Schedule Has Been Cancelled

It is with great reluctance that we share this news. Based on Governor Charlie Baker’s decision to close Massachusetts schools through June, the South Shore Soccer League’s Board of Directors has decided to cancel its Spring 2020 schedule.

We have consistently maintained that if the schools were closed many parents would be uneasy about having their children participate in an inter-town travel soccer program. Functionally, we noted that if the schools were closed, many towns would not have access to the field space required to run their clubs. 

This was a tough decision to make, but we believe that it is the right call to keep our children safe.

Team Refunds
We mentioned that there would be refunds during the April General Meeting.  We have determined the league will return roughly 78% of the spring team registration fees that we collected from towns to run the spring schedule, net of any previously outstanding balances due. We will process the checks as quickly as possible. 

Coronavirus Information from Mass Youth Soccer

The SSSL is following the guidance from Mass Youth Soccer, they have created this Coronavirus update page with the latest information on the situation.  As of this moment we are not announcing any changes to our season, but are are making contingency plans should conditions change.

Coach's FAQ posted on Coaches Corner

The FAQ will answer questions about maintaining and printing your roster using the SportsPilot system.

US Soccer Mandated Change Eliminates Heading for 11 and younger 

In order to implement this mandate the SSSL is implementing the following change for all u12 and younger games starting this spring: 

"It shall be considered a dangerous play when a player deliberately heads or attempts to head the ball.  Any violation of this rule shall result in an indirect free kick for the opponent.  Simultaneous violations by both teams will result in a dropped ball."

Click here for additional information from Mass Youth Soccer Assoc.


Players Needed

East Bridgewater is looking for players to fill out the following teams:
Boys grade 7/8
Girls grade 7/8
Girls grade 9/11
Boys grade 12/PG
if interested contact John Meseau at

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Fields Status Rule of Thumb

ALL Coaches should CALL the opposing coach as the updating of field closings on the website may lag the actual status.

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