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Adopted Rule Changes for Fall 2019 - Spring 2020

Modified:  9.4  Player Pass 

 Removed part c

c)      Any player rostered on a team in an MTOC eligible division is not allowed to use a Player pass to play on a non-MTOC eligible team.  

Modified: 5.3 Requesting a game reschedule within 10 days

 5.3 . . . If the current or new game date is at least 4 days and less than 10 days away, the request will be5.3 . . . If the current or new game date is at least 4 days and less than 10 days away, the request will be honored upon payment of an additional fee of $100, otherwise the request will be rejected.

Modified: 6.1 Weather Delays

 6.1 . . . Weather Delays. In the event that a portion of the game is suspended due to weather or unsafe natural conditions, the following rules will apply: a. In the event of a stoppage, games that have completed a half, or are in the second half, after an appropriate stoppage time and unable to resume play will be deemed completed and the score at the time of the stoppage will stand.  b. In the event of a stoppage, games that are in the first half and unable to resume play, the game will be re-played in their entirety (both halves) as a Make Up game.

Modified: 9.1.3 Players receiving yellow cards must temporarily leave the game.

 The following sentence is added to the end of rule 9.1.3

 9.1.3 . . .   Any player receiving a Yellow Card will be required to be removed from the field of play, this player may be replaced.  The player may return during the next legal substitution opportunity.

Modified: 10.1 Game Lengths

      10.1 . . . duration of the game shall be. . .

                    11-PG  (2)      40-minute halves

                    Gr9-11          (2)      40-minute halves

                    Gr7/8            (2)      35-minute halves

                    Gr5/6            (2)      30-minute halves

                    Gr3/4            (2)      25-minute halves


  US Soccer Mandated Change Eliminates Heading for 11 and younger - Monday, March 14, 2016In order to implement this mandate the SSSL is implementing the following change for all u12 and younger games starting this spring: 

"It shall be considered a dangerous play when a player deliberately heads or attempts to head the ball.  Any violation of this rule shall result in an indirect free kick for the opponent.  Simultaneous violations by both teams will result in a dropped ball."

Click here for additional information from Mass Youth Soccer Assoc.

Forms and Contact Information

Referee Documents and Forms

Title Posted By Last Updated
USSF Referee Game Report Randy Ellis 4/6/2016
IRS W9 Form (return to Treasurer)    SSSL Admin 1/24/2012
2021 Referee Pay Rates Randy Ellis 11/14/2019

Referee Contacts

Name Role Email Phone #
Paul Golder Referee Administrator (508) 345-1681
Dennis Laversa Referee Assignor (781) 956-6479
Noel Soccorso Mentor Program Coordinator (508) 930-5738

Caution and Sending-off Offenses

Caution and Sending-off offenses

These have been updated and are now half way down the page.  Please review and use the new terminology when completing your reports.  Additionally, the form allows ZTP for Zero Tolerance Policy violation if it's a better fit that one of the other offenses.  

Suspension List

NameTownTeamStart DateGamesEnd DateStatusSorted By Status In Descending Order
Victor DeSousaABGABG B11.1 Spinney5/12/202136/4/2021Suspended
Renan MendesABGABG B11.1 Spinney5/12/202136/4/2021Suspended
Jesse SpinneyABGABG B11.1 Spinney5/12/202136/4/2021Suspended
William LenihanRCKRCK5/18/2018307/1/2021Served
Rodolpho GiannandreaBRABRA (TBD) G126/15/201934/23/2021Served
Dubensky SaintlothBRKBRK B8.1 Fontes4/15/202114/23/2021Served
Angel GonzalezBRKBRK B8.1 Fontes4/15/202114/23/2021Served
Kevin DohertyBRABRA B6.1 Doherty4/28/202115/3/2021Served
Bruno DeSousaWEYWEY B11.1 O'Halloran5/12/202136/5/2021Served


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